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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby News

So I guess I should document some of being pregnant with baby #4. I'm 13 weeks now, due March 21st. We're excited to have a boy! I'm starting to feel better, though I know I shouldn't complain because I don't throw up. I can tell when it hits 5:00 for when the nausea and dry heaving start in earnest. Especially if I'm hungry. Though a lot of times I just feel blah all day. At least I can always function. Especially in the mornings, since that's when I get stuff done. Come 2:00 I just feel done and am lucky if I get dinner and laundry done. And I've been known to take naps at 8:00 pm so that I can function from 9:00-10:00 and finish cleaning, etc. But like I said, I really can't complain.
  I have NOT liked chicken this pregnancy. Yuck.  I have grilled several very tasty steaks though. I think I've finally learned how to tell if it's done to medium. And it really is better to keep the lid up, not down.  I have really liked apples and cheese for a snack. It has to be Tillamook cheese though. None of this generic garbage.  And cereal. I like cereal as my before bed snack. Because I tend to be starving by then and if I don't eat I have a hard time sleeping because I'm so hungry.  My cookie dough cravings are gone; I don't tend to crave sweets when I'm pregnant, other than ice cream. Ice cream always tastes good. I'm exercising still like normal; this is the first time I've been going to classes at the gym while pregnant and so far so good. Mostly I just go to Boot Camp and Spin. I have friends who went to spin until a few days before they had their baby. I don't know if I'll be quite like that but we'll see. And then I run about 3 times a week. Though I am getting slower.  I am not weighing myself this pregnancy. I hate seeing that number go up, and there's nothing I can do about it. So I'm enjoying being pregnant and eating what I want (though I still try to eat healthy) and not worrying about that dang number. I'll have to worry about it in April! But at the doctor I turn around on the scale and tell them I don't want to know. Feel free to judge; I know I shouldn't care but I do.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Child Martyrs of Kabul (my Dad's bodyguards)

The Child Martyrs of Kabul

I felt like this was worth sharing. It's from my mom's blog. I found an article that I posted below that explains what happened. My dad was in the United States at the time; he's now back in Kabul. He has shopped here many times. He loves the children there and has always tried to buy scarfs and things when he can to help them

From my Dad:  Unfortunately, the bombing victims from the blast near the ISAF entrance in front of the carpet store injured or killed each of the kids I had bought things from--including my bodyguards. The bomber was an outsider who the kids had confronted. They probably saved some Americans who ultimately were the intended victims. All those killed or injured were Afghan civilians--and all but 2 victims were under the age of 15. At least 3 of those killed were girls.

From my Mom: (These are the girls that Dave has been buying skarves from for a long time.  He used the word bodyguards, because, if you will remember about a year ago Dave was walking to work, and the 2 little girls, ages 7 and 10, said, "Where are your bodyguards?" And he told them he didn't have any.  They said, "We will be your bodyguards."  And when he would see them, they would save their prettiest or best skarves for him, and they would chatter to him in English and walk with him part way. Dave really did love them, and talked to us about them when he was home.  So he is heartbroken.  Perhaps these little girls are still his bodyguards, only from the other side.)

Kabul attack: Bomber kills children near Nato base

The BBC's Jonathan Beale in Kabul says he heard an explosion followed by sirens
A teenage suicide bomber has killed at least six people near the headquarter of the Nato-led international coalition (Isaf) in Kabul.
A number of children are among the dead. There were no reports of casualties among Isaf troops.
The police said the attacker was a boy, 14, on a motorbike, who detonated a bomb near an entrance to the HQ.
Kabul security has been tightened as supporters of an anti-Taliban warlord mark 11 years since his assassination.
Ahmad Shah Massoud - a hero of the 1980s war against Soviet occupiers, and later of opposition to the Taliban - was killed by al-Qaeda suicide bombers on 9 September 2001.
Following Saturday's explosion, the Isaf HQ, home to some 2,500 personnel, was placed "on lockdown", the Isaf spokeswoman said.
'Child hawkers'
Child street hawkers are believed to have been caught in the blast and witnesses quoted by Reuters said small bodies could be seen being carried to ambulances.
A police official speaking on condition of anonymity told AFP news agency: "Most of the victims are young children who gather around Isaf to sell small items to soldiers leaving or getting into the base."
The US embassy, the Italian embassy and the presidential palace are also located near the site of the attack.
The Taliban have claimed they were behind the attack, but say it was carried out by a man in his 20s, targeting a building used by the CIA to train Afghan spies.
But the BBC Jonathan Beale, in Kabul, says there is also speculation that it could have been the work of another insurgent group - the Haqqani network - which carried out a series of coordinated attacks in the city earlier this year.
Scores of dignitaries were attending commemorations of Massoud's death in Kabul on Saturday, which is a national public holiday in his honour.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Poor Lily!

It looks like Lily was wrong. No little sister!  I guess I'll have to get her a doll!  She was a bit sad about it; she'll tell you she doesn't like it, though she likes looking at the pictures. I was happy; this ultrasound was 13 weeks, for a chromosome screening, and everything looked good. And it was so fun to see a little hand in the mouth, and these little arms and legs moving. I think he had the hiccups, he kept kind of jumping. So we both saw the little boy part; she said 80% its a boy. I don't think they'll tell you for sure until that 20 week ultrasound. So hopefully things continue to go well!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 Girls in our Family

 Lily is very excited to be getting a little sister. That's what she says her mommy is pregnant with. A few weeks ago she said, "Mom, there are 3 girls in our family.  One in Heaven, one here (and pointed to herself) and one in your tummy."  So we'll see if she's right! I've tried to tell her she could be getting a little brother but she insists Heavenly Father has told her she's getting a sister. I'm happy either way. Robby would love for Lance to have a brother, since he didn't have any, but if Lily's right it'll be 4 girls and 2 boys-that sounds like a lot of people!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chromosome 18 conference

 This is not a great picture of our Ring 18 family, but it's the only one I got-facebook has some better ones. At the beginning of August I had the chance to volunteer at the Chromosome 18 conference that was held in downtown San Antonio.  It was one of the highlights of my summer. The last time I attended this conference was 6 months before Emily passed away. It was wonderful to be with all of these kids who were just so great, and their amazing parents. And to know that even though only one of the parents there had experienced a loss of a child, they all could put themselves in my shoes-no "I just can't imagine." It was just good for my soul to be with these wonderful people.
 We went to Morgan's Wonderland, a park devoted to people with special needs. I just loved being there with everyone, though it was so hot, and being about 7 weeks pregnant at the time I felt terrible!
This little guy has Ring 18 like Emily, and is similarly affected as far as the things he does. He loves kicking his legs and rolling around like Emily did. He's 3.  I got to play with him one morning when he was happy like this and listen to his giggles; it just did my heart good. 
 We had some of our favorite people (though they are Ute fans) stay with us for a night.  I loved watching Abby play with Lily; Lily quite looks up to her like an older cousin.  And it was so nice to have grown up conversations. My life is so different now then it was with Emily, it's nice to have that connection to her and to have friends who I know can relate.
 And our little guy Deakon walked for us; he went to Sea World and was very happy to tell you about the ride he went on; steeper than Splash Mountain and he loved it.  I just loved every minute of getting to play with him!
 This is our little friend Emarie. I really loved the fact that Lily and Lance got to meet friends who were similar to Emily in different ways.  It did my heart good to see them play with the kids in the daycare.
Overall a great week that I hope I can experience again. I'm glad I've stayed involved in the Society even though Emily's not here-she was here in Spirit that week, though! I think maybe that's why it meant so much to me; I was able to connect to my Emily and feel like I was somehow doing something for her, even though she's not here.