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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Funny Things

There are some funny things people say that have been brought to my mind the last few weeks. I've been guilty of doing/saying each one of these at some time or another. I think it's human nature. So I'm really sorry!


If there is something your child is struggling with, or they have a disability, and someone says, "What's wrong with them?"

When someone is going through something really tough another person says, "I just can't imagine." Doesn't help me.

When someone says,"You look so tired." Or, "You look beat." I can read between the lines and know what you're really saying! Again, I know I've said this to someone before. I'm sorry!

When people don't think before talking about a sensitive subject (today when I told someone who asked how many children I have that I have a daughter who passed away he said, "Oh. Did she drown?" Say, what?) I know I've been guilty of this, even this week, so once again, I'm sorry!

When people ask you how many more children you're planning on having, or when you're planning on having another one. Again, totally guilty-I've done this way too many times.
When people ask you, "Is that a baby bump or are you just standing funny?"
you're walking around with your newborn/3 month old/six month old, etc, and someone asks you when you're due!

I try to remember that people mean well when they say things like this. I don't always succeed. And if my best friend asks me how many more kids I'm planning on having, or tells me I look like ____ it's a bit different that coming from someone I met yesterday!

This last one isn't a bad thing, I just think it's kind of funny. It's when someone says"Congratulations" when you're asked to do something at church. I understand the sentiment, and I really appreciate it. I guess to me saying congratulations is more something you say when someone has aspired to something and then accomplished it. Like all of these wonderful ladies I know who have been losing weight. They have worked hard! Or when you get accepted into some kind of program/school you've tried hard to get into. However, if I'm ever called to be Primary Chorister at church again, you may congratulate me, because I do aspire to that!