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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let's Rodeo San Antonio

About a month ago I took the kids to the San Antonio Rodeo. It reminds me a bit of the Lynden fair as far as the 4-H kids are all there, etc, but it is way more TEXAS! I've gone almost every year since Emily was three, and I love it. Here we are ready to go. I have since cut my hair to my shoulders, I think I like it better long but haven't decided for sure. It has easily the best petting zoo I've ever seen. This goat laying across this goat (is that what it is?) was making me laugh.
Lance loved the little chickens.
Lily was brave enough to pet the deer. Last year it "bit her back" in her words. I think she had food in her pocket or something and a deer bit her shirt trying to get it.
The cotton candy was a dollar, How could I be the good mom that I am and pass that up?

This was one of my favorites, watching the horses and riders trying to corral the cattle. I love Lily's face on the side.
It was just me with the kids all day, and I loved it. I enjoy being with my friends, but it was just really nice that day to focus on the kids and be able to go at our own pace and really enjoy each other. I'm always amazed at the things Lily says, and what Lance picks up on. The first time I went to the rodeo was when Emily was three. We had a good time at the petting zoo, but this was a bit of a different experience. I'm so glad Emily has helped give me the perspective to really appreciate what Lily and Lance can do. I told Lily the name Mom is really the best name in the world.