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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day in our life

So, our blog looks kind of boring compared to most of yours. How do you do the cute backgrounds? Today was a typical day in the life of Emily, lily, and I. I got up, tried to exercise, never quite got it done before Lily needed to eat, got the girls ready, and took Em to an appointment to have her AFO's (ankle feet orthotics) looked at. That was at 9:00. From there it was on to physical therapy, where Emily was awake, which consistutes a successful therapy. Then it was off to school, where Emily goes from 12:00-2:45. By then, Lily had had it. She's a great sport. We rewarded ourselves by taking a nap on the couch together. Then it was back to pick up Emily, off to visit a friend (it's the end of the month-got to get visiting teaching in!) then back home to feed the girls, teach piano, make dinner, and then the reward...I got to watch the Office. Yeah for Thursday night TV! Actually, today was a little busier than most days. We usually have 1-3 days a week like today. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Girls in October

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Well, I've started a blog. We'll see if I can figure this thing out.