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Sunday, February 17, 2013


 So since Christmas I know i've been a bit of a slacker, we'll see if it improves. For Martin Luther King Day we went out to Cannon Beach and had a grand time. It was nasty weather in Hillsboro but 50 degrees and beautiful out at the coast.

 Haystack Rock is what we saw on our honeymoon.
 Sarah had an 8 hour layover in Portland on her way to an internship in Hawaii so I picked her and her roommates up and they came home and took naps.
 Before Emily's Angel Day, which was January 20th, we had a family night on Emily and went through her special box. So the kids both tried on her bipap mask.
 The tidepools at Haystack Rock are so much fun!
 We went to a BYU-Portland basketball game which was a lot of fun.
 Lily touching the temple. She is so thrilled about it, it was really cute.
 Mom came last weekend and we had a good time together. She brought a fun project for Lily, making a box.
The house we're buying! We close March 15. It's on a culdasac in a neighborhood just two minutes away (but in a different church congregation). We're excited for it. 
 Me at 35 weeks pregnant. Trying to document.

So I feel like I am going crazy and can never remember anything. Thank goodness for my phone where I can keep track of things. I keep thinking maybe this baby will come early and I won't have to be induced; he's due March 21 and I'm set to be induced the 22nd. But I was induced with the other 3. I have had tons of contractions, including painful ones, but nothing to make me think I'm in labor. I'm at the point of eating junk because I feel like in another 5 weeks I'll be on a lose weight diet and won't. Chocolate is my choice right now, though I did have a great milkshake from Burgerville last night.  This baby is much more painful; just uncomfortable breathing wise and lots of sharp pains down lower. But I'm still sleeping at night which I guess is something.  And the biggest thing is that I have healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies. So even though I'm uncomfortable I know I have nothing to complain about, and I am grateful that things have been going well. That being said...

      I get super paranoid that something is going to happen to this baby; I feel like I know so many people who have lost babies at full term. About 7 I can think of off the top of my head. I think that along with any baggage I might carry because of losing Emily makes me super paranoid. And then of course I'll worry about SIDS, and then developmental delays, and then falling down the stairs, and the list just always continues. Which is one of the big reasons I think we're probably done after this one.

        On Thursday when I was at the gym doing a spin class (it doesn't hurt like even walking does) there was  girl in the daycare with what looked like Down Syndrome and aparently Lily wasn't very nice and wouldn't play with her. Which made me very, very sad. So we had a talk about it, and how this little girl is similar to her sister, Emily, and she said she's play with her next time. So we walked out to the car and I just didn't feel good about the situation, so we talked some more and ended up going back inside so that Lily could play with her for a few (5) minutes.  Lily said she felt happy after that and I'm hoping it will help her for next time. I always noticed with Emily, it's not that kids were usually mean to her it's just that some kids naturally wanted to help and play with her and other kids figured if they couldn't get anything out of the relationship (it's not like Emily would talk back) then what was the point? And I think Lily falls into that catagory. So hopefully we will be able to work on this. We did see the same little girl the next day at the park and Lily was excited and said, "Mom, it's my friend!" And asked her to play with her. So at least that's something!