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Sunday, October 28, 2012

House hunt

We're on our way back from finding a house in hillsboro. I have to say I really enjoyed what I saw of the city. I think to some people it's big but coming from San Antonio our perspective is a bit different. And of course you have trees everywhere obscuring the city feel a bit. It was really fun to get a bit of the fall feel seeing all the leaves change. We ended up going with the house we really liked online and almost had Janica go up and see for us. It could get a bit tricky come May when they may put the house on the market but hopefully we'll be able to find a house by then. We were able to meet Janica and kacey for dinner; I'm so excited to be so close. I was getting sad yesterday thinking no one would be around to help me remember Emily's Angel Day and then I remembered that she would be here and felt better.
Yesterday we went out to the Oregon coast, after Robby had watched most of the BYU football game. It was very wet and windy but fun to see where we went on our honeymoon. We ate at a good pizza place that we'd eaten at right when we'd got to cannon beach on our honeymoon. Today we went to church in a ward with tons of young families; it's not our ward but there are apparently tons of members in the area, which will be nice I think.
We have great friends who have been watching the kids; I'm excited to see them tonight. When I told lily we found a house her first question was does it have stairs? She was very excited it does.
Overall it was a good trip and has made me excited to get to know the area, though it really will rain a lot! And that will take a bit of getting used to again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We're Moving!

So this will be quick, and not tons of people read this blog anyway (which is totally fine) but we're moving to Hillsboro, Oregon! And are super excited about it. It's 20 minute from Portland and just over an hour from Janica!  I am so excited to live so close to my twin sister!  We'll be about 5 hours from both parents. WooHoo!!!! I'm so beyond stressed; we're trying to have our house ready to be on the market by Monday, which means the realtor and photographer are coming Friday to take pictures. I broke down tonight and asked several friends to come help me tomorrow, which is huge. Because I am also over (along with one other girl) Super Saturday for church, which is on Saturday. I can not even tell you how happy I will be when that is over and I can check out. We're planning on moving around November 5. Robby starts work November 19. He will be the Human Resources director for the city of Hillsboro. We've loved the people we've met here, and I really do love San Antonio, but I'm so excited to be in my idea of good weather (not a Texan's idea of good weather, that's for sure-Texan's think we're crazy to move where it rains so much!) and to be close to family. We already have a camping trip planned with some friends for next summer, to the Oregon coast. Which is where Robby and I went on our honeymoon. Anyone who wants to escape the Texas heat is welcome to come and see us!