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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My favorite dress and update

When Emily was 1 1/2 my mom made her this purple Easter dress. I think it's my favorite out of all the dresses Emily and Lily have ever had. My junior prom dress was the exact same color, and I just love it. It was also my wedding colors-purple bridesmaid skirts and the main flowers in the boquet. I guess there's a pattern there. I like purple! Emily wore it for two Easters in a row, because she didn't grow very much! This was the 2nd Easter, when she was 2 1/2. So this was Easter Sunday 2007. Since we won't be going to church next Sunday because of conference, I thought I'd have Lily wear it today. So here she is with Daddy, age 1 1/2. I just love the dress!
My Grandpa Reid passed away last month, and so my family was able to get together in Utah for the funeral. My dad came in from Afghanistan. I hadn't seen him since September, and my mom hadn't seen him since Christmas. Here we are picking him up at the airport. Lily remembered my mom and loved being with her. The first time she saw her again she reached up and patted her cheeks and gave her a hug.
Before my family got there I met my good friend Laura and we did the Temple Square thing. We also went to Cafe Rio-YUM! If you can see the picture close enough Lily is clapping, not because she's by the temple, but because she got to stand on that pedestal!
This was after the funeral. John, Steven, Dad, Parker, Mom, Sarah, me and Janica. Not in our birth order! We stayed up at the condo at Solitude and really had a good time. And it was good to remember my Grandpa Reid. My grandma passed away 12 years ago, so I'm happy that they are now together.

Things here are moving along. I'm 35 weeks pregnant now, though I have been asked many times, "Any day right?" "You're close, right?" "Have you ever been this big?" "You look miserable-I want to take you to the hospital right now." "You look ready to pop." "Wow, a whole month?" The comments mostly make me laugh. At least it means he's hopefully healthy! I think I'm close to as big as when I delivered Lily. Way bigger than when I had Em. But I'm not pregnant during the summer, so it hasn't been too bad. I wouldn't mind if he came a little early, though. With both Em and Lily I was induced right before my due date.

Last week Robby went to Oklahoma City to cheer on his BYU Cougars in the NCAA basketball tournament. He had a great time watching them win their first tournament game in 7 years in double overtime, though I don't think he'll be wanting to stay in a Motel 6 again any time soon. We're watching the Duke game now. If Duke loses I win our bracket! Robby has them winning the whole thing. Our first kiss was 9 years ago after the final NCAA game when Duke was in the finals-2001.

Lily is very busy-she learned how to open doors this week, so Robby was VERY nice and went to Target Thursday night to get me door handle child proof things. She won't go to nursery, so we're working on that-I really want her to go before this baby comes! I have some baby sewing projects to finish-I DO NOT sew, so we'll see how this goes, and am going to hopefully catch up on some other things like painting a baby's room and getting it ready! The colors will be BYU blue and white, in case you were wondering! I think that's it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lily kissing a dog

Lily loves animals, especially dogs, and will go up to any dog she sees and try to love on it and hug and kiss it. This was a service rescue dog up at Solitude Mountain Resort.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Emily and Lily-The Same/Different

Tonight I was thinking about what ways Em and Lily are the same, and how they're different, so I thought it would be kind of fun to write them down. So, here we go! Most of it I wrote in the present text. Just easier that way.

The Same:
They're both happy! Emily was always so happy, dispite all her challenges. And Lily is the same. Like today-she was in her stroller for 2 hours on a walk and was totally fine. I've had 2 girls with the best attitudes. Though Emily did learn how to throw temper tantrums-right on cue at age 2. And Lily has learned how, too.

They both love the words "Good Job." Emily woudl get so excited and smile and start talking when we'd clap and say "Good Job, Emily, especially after she'd done something big like go on the potty. Lily claps for herself.

Their hair-Lily and Emily's hair is EXACTLY the same color and texture, though Lily's has grown much more evenly then Em's did because she isn't wearing a hearing aid all the time. And they both have these little wavey curls. I love it. They also both like having their hair brushed.

When they sleep at night, they look the same. If Lily sleeps on her side, she looks just like Emily when we go in to check on her. It's so fun. Though most of the time Lily sleeps on her tummy with her bum in the air, or on her back with her hands behind her head, like her daddy.

They both seem to have bad teeth. We haven't taken Lily to the densist, but her bottom teeth don't look too hot.

They both have dimples.

They both have these cute tummys and NO hips.

They both LOVE music. Emily always loved listening to music, dancing, and singing songs, and so does Lily. She signs more whenever we sing or play the piano.

They both love to move. Em was the happiest rolling around on the ground, and Lily just runs from one thing to the next, and loves to be tossed, etc.

They both love their carseat. It's been the same carseat for both of them, and they both have done great in the car. Though Lily gets mad if it's dark and she can't see.

Their favorite breakfast food is scrambled eggs, though Emily liked them with ketchup or salsa, and Lily perfers them plain. They also both like chocolate, cupcakes, and sweet and sour meatballs.

They both like animals, especially dogs. They don't get this from their momma! (I like dogs fine, don't get me wrong). Emily would get big smiles petting a dog, and had no fear if one licked her, and Lily will tackle a dog and hug it if it will let her.

They both love getting into bed with us in the mornings, though Emily would cuddle with us and go back to sleep, and Lily thinks it's a great joke.

Neither one really has cared about the TV.

Emily LOVED to cuddle-she was the best at it. Lily, not so much, though she'll now give good hugs.

Emily was very much a Daddy's Girl, and Lily switches back and forth between Robby and I.

Emily LOVED bananas, and Lily is impartial at best.

Lily loves the wind and thinks it's funny, and Emily hated it.

Emily had daddy's legs and Lily has mommy's. :-)

Emily could fall asleep anywhere if she wanted to, and Lily has to be in her crib, though she'll sleep a bit in the car if she's really tired.

If you have any more things to share, I'd love to hear them!