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Monday, April 20, 2009

Emily and Lily's doggie!

Our friends have a dog named Harry, who Emily loved. My friend Cindy would watch Emily, and Emily would play on the ground while Harry licked her and cuddled with her. We think that Emily whispered in Lily's ear how much fun Harry was, because the first time Lily saw Harry she laughed and laughed. I'd never seen her laugh so hard, especially without trying to make her laugh. It was just a few weeks after Emily died, and was so much fun to see. So last week when we went over, I was smart and brought my camera so that I could video Lily with Harry. Lily also sleeps with a little dog that looks just like him. So, here is Lily with her friend Harry!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our girls' share Easter

Well, we made it through Easter. It was our first holiday without Emily, and it was hard, but it was also good to remember the real reason that we celebrate Easter. Church was especially hard, not having Emily there all dressed up, but the rest of the day went well. Not too many tears! Here's some fun pictures from the last week. I'm trying to find new things to do to fill my days, and decided that I really should learn how to sew without having my mom there next to me (doing most of it!). I made this dress yesterday with the help of my friend. I am the world's worst person on a sewing machine, so what normally should take an hour took me 3 1/2, but it got done!
A friend made this chocolate bunny cake, because it was her daughter's birthday. I made the pies. We all loved the bunny cake, though it was a little tramatic when we had to cut the cake. She cut the ears, then the head, etc! I don't think I'd ever have the patience to make something like that!
Robby made this area for Emily's bench. We took Lily on a little Easter egg hunt. It was fun to put some under Em's bench.
Lily with her first Easter Egg.
Emily's first Easter Egg hunt. She's 1 1/2. It was the first time we lived in our house for Easter, in March 2006.
Emily on Easter, 2006. She's 1 1/2 in this picture. My mom made this dress. She wore it for two Easters! She seemed to think that she looked like a princess.
Lily really liked her Easter basket.She's trying to eat the M&M's.
Lily and her Daddy. She definintly looks like her dad. I need to post a picture of them without Robby wearing glasses.
This dress was Emily's. She wore it at Parker and Jessie's wedding. We thought it would be fun if Lily could wear it, too.
Emily and I at Parker's wedding in May 2005. She was 10 months old. Robby had just moved to Texas to start his job, and Em and I followed after the wedding.
Lily and I on Easter Sunday.
What kid doesn't like French Fries?
Lily learned how to roll with Curious George. She's drag him along with her as she rolled.

Friday, April 3, 2009


My brother Parker and sister-in-law Jessie came with their two girls from Tennessee for a visit last weekend. Their youngest, Kylee, is 2 weeks older then Lily. We had a great time watching the two of them together. We went to Seaworld, and everyone thought they were twins. It was really great to have family here. McKinley is 2 1/2, and she was also very fun, especially at Seaworld where she watched all the animals. McKinley got to sleep in Emily's Princess bed with Emily's stuffed animals, which I think she liked. It's exciting to have family within driving distance!Lily's on the left, and Kylee's on the right.
McKinley on Emily's bench.
Lily and I matched last Sunday.
Robby saying goodbye to McKinley.
I have Lily and Parker has Kylee.

Now I'm holding Kylee, and Jessie has Lily.

Lily being silly.

I like this one of the girls.

Lily and Kylee at Seaworld. Lily pulled Kylee's hair and made her cry, and then Kylee did something to Lily to make her cry. We're not sure what it was, but Kylee was smiling and Lily was crying, and Kylee's hand was on Lily. We figured they're even.

Lily is very much a people person. She was smiling at everyone!

Parker has a really great camera. I love this one of the whale eating the fish.

I got to touch a dolphin! In all my times at Seaworld I never have. It was very fun.

Lily watching the whales. She was quite intent.

Hmm...I wonder what she's thinking about?

We went down to the Riverwalk. It was actually cold and rainy. It felt like March, which was so nice!

Lily and Kylee seeing each other for the first time.
We're doing pretty well here. Some days are better than others. Lily likes to talk. She learned how to roll around the room after watching Kylee do it, and she takes Curious George with her as she rolls. Well, she rolls, and then she reaches out and grabs Curious George, and then rolls some more. I'll try to put pictures on the next time!