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Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness

So, before the big game tonight, I thought I'd write what March Madness means to our family. I should have known it would always be a part of our life. Our first kiss was after the final NCAA March Madness game, on April 2 2005, when Duke lost to I think Arizona. Robby and I had gone on 2 dates; the 2nd one being an all day ski date to Alta. I had then gone over to his house, "the Casa" two days later and watched General Conference with him and his roommates and their girlfriends. We spent a good portion of the day together just talking, and then he invited me over to watch the basketball game the next day. I could have cared less about the game, but I did like Robby, so I of course said yes. I think I got there for the end of the game, just in time to see his buddy Chad lose it when Duke lost. (sorry Chad).
Robby walked me to my car after the game was over and we held hands for the first time, and then as I was going to get in the car he kissed me! I was totally not expecting it. But I should have known then that basketball would be a big part of our life.
ESPECIALLY when BYU makes it into the tournement. I think most people who read this know that Robby is a slightly obsessive BYU fan-I would say football over basketball, though this year he has Jimmer Fever like everyone else. And Jimmer signed the banner that is hanging up in Lance's room, so even more reason to like him! Every year since we've been married we watch BYU lose in the first round of the tournament. Well, last year they were playing in Oklahoma City, 8 hours away, and Robby decided he HAD to go and support the team. So he drove by himself and stayed and stayed in a Motel 6 and was there when they beat Florida in double overtime to win their first round game in something like 15 years. So now that they're playing in New Orleans, and Robby's not there yet, but if they win tonight (fingers crossed) he'll drive Saturday to New Orleans to watch them play. And then, we would go to Houston if they won that game.
Every year we fill out our brackets and do a "friendly bet." Which I am so far winning this year! And then Emily and I would always watch the games together on Thursday and Friday during the first round of the tournament. So now, March Madness always makes me miss Emily! We do a tounament pick 'em with some of my family and Robby's and some friends. In the last 4 years my dad has been in Turkey and Afganistan, yet he still manages to follow what's going on. He's always overly optomistic when it comes to BYU-he always at least has them going to the sweet 16. But hopefully this year he'll be right-he's got them winning the whole thing! He had them winning the whole thing last year, too.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our TEXAS Sized Weekend

I ended up with these pictures in reverse order. 2 weeks ago we had a good traditional Texas weekend. It started on Friday morning when I took the kids to the San Antonio rodeo. I was so excited to take them both to the petting zoo, and they both cried and cried. It has goats, sheep, a llama, chickens, a kangaroo, pot belly pigs, deer, etc. I think it was a bit overwhelming! And then a deer bit the back of Lily's shirt, and so if you ask her about the rodeo she tells you a "Deer bit my back!"
On Friday afternoon we left to go up to Fort Worth to go to the BYU-TCU basketball game. We stayed in a Courtyard Marriot about 10 minutes away from TCU. Here's the kids ready to go swimming Saturday night.
Here we are at the game. Lance was NOT HAPPY about the noise. There were more BYU fans there than TCU fans, and it was loud. He cried and cried and was only happy if Mommy was holding him, poor kid. Lily actually did pretty well. We had got salt water taffy earlier at the Fort Worth Stockyards, and as long as she was supplied with candy she was happy. We're great parents like that!
My favorite part of the game was these people who had a life sized cutout of Jimmer. People were standing in line to get their picture taken with it. It made me laugh. And in case you're wondering, we are in mourning at our house with the loss of Bradon Davies from the team.

We met up with my cousin Kathleen and her husband and cute girl, Lucy. These rides were 25 cents at the stockyards, so we let them go on a few. We went out to lunch at Joe T Garcia's afterwards, and waited for over an hour. The fajitas were good, and the company was great, but Chuys is definintly better, in case you're wondering. Mmm. Chuys.
On Friday night on our way up to Fort Worth we went to Salt Lick BBQ. AMAZING! It was so good, and in a beautiful location out in the middle of the Hill Country. I even liked the potato salad and cole slaw. It didn't have mayo like most do. The meat was so good. I think the turkey was my favorite. And then they had the BEST blackberry-peach cobbler. Here's Lance enjoying the beans. If you say Cheese and take his picture he gives you the cheesiest smile!

Like mother like daughter-she loved the cobbler.
Here's Lily at the petting zoo.
And I just thought Lance was too cute in this little outfit.

Things are going well here. Lily is watching an Elmo's World about going to the potty that we just got at the library today, and just had an accident. While she's watching Elmo talk about going to the potty. I don't think she sees the irony of that, but I sure do! Lance started crawling last week, so that's fun. Lily loves that he can follow her around now. I'm missing normal spring weather-it's beautiful here today, but over the weekend is was in the 80's, which I don't appreciate for the end of February. I planted daffodil bulbs in the fall, and I actually now have daffodils! It's amazing. I think it's one of the first bulb things I've planted since being in Texas that's actually grown. I think all of our freezing temps really helped them.

My dad is back in Afghanistan, working in radio this time. It's an American company, and they have a good record as far as no loss of life, so that's good, I guess. He's not sure how long he'll be there. My mom's in Washington. We'll see him at the end of June in Utah.