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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

So this morning I got a call on Skype from my dad, who works in Kabul, Afghanistan, and has traveled this week to Kandahar, Afghanistan. The place you always hear about on the news, where the taliban have much more a stronghold.
I answered his call and he said, "Hi. As I was calling a bomb went off. But I'm safe in the guest house. How are you?" He then paused to ask someone near him if that was a bomb. And then the call was dropped, leaving me to wonder if my dad was okay! He was-he thinks it was an RPG (Rocket Propelled something-gernade maybe?). Life
This picture was taken not too long ago (a few weeks?) in Kabul, Afghanistan. I think pretty much everyone who reads this knows that my dad works in Kabul; last year for a television station, and now for a radio station. On June 30 he's being honored in Provo, UT at the Freedom Festival, along with his friend Steve, as people who have helped promote the cause of freedom. If you would have told me even 10 years ago my dad would be working in Afghanistan I don't think I would have believed you. I wouldn't have wanted to believe you! But we're all pretty proud of the work he's doing there. He sure loves the people there, and has a desire to help them.
My sister and sister-in-law made this sign for Dad for Christmas. It says "A Family that Skis together stays together." We grew up skiing as a family; something we all still love, though most of us never get to, for me because I live in Texas.
My first backpacking trip with my dad and Janica, when I was 14. That's Mt. Baker in the background. We went to Tomyoi Peak and Yellow Aster Butte. The next year we went with my dad and Parker and John to Tamyhoi Lake. I'm glad I have a dad who spent so much time with us, especially enjoying the outdoors.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nana's Visit and Guess Who's Walking?

Mr. Lance after church. He was in the middle of going from sitting to crawling, but it just looked like the perfect pose!
Then this was the next Sunday.
The last few weeks Lance started walking, and this week I think he walked more than he crawled. Mom came May 19th and stayed until the 30th, and so she got to see him pretty much learn to walk. It was really fun to be able to have someone else to share it with! Lance has also started talking a little bit. His first word was "hello." I'll try to get a video on here, it's pretty cute. He also says mama, dada, and when mom was here he learned to say Nana! That's what Lily called mom first, though she now calls her Grandma more than Nana.
The first day Mom was here she and I drove to Houston to see our "brother from another mother" (his words from high school) Austin Gallant, graduate from dental school. It was really great to be there and see him and Amy and their kids. The next day we went to Pedernals Falls State Park. This is a picture; Texas is in a drought, so there's not much as far as falls go, but it was really pretty and we had a lot of fun.
We hiked down to where you can swim and had a lot of fun, other than when I saw a great big snake crawling across some rocks that were in the middle of the river. Lily will tell you, "Mommy cried." I didn't, but I turned around pretty dang quick!
This was actually at the zoo. I'm not sure why they were both so excited, but it made me laugh.

Lance really loved playing in the water. And so did Lily.
Mom and I took advantage of Mom being here and went away by ourselves for the first time since we've had kids seven years ago! We did go to Turkey, which was amazing, but we stayed with family. This time it was just Robby and I. We just went to Austin, but we really had fun. Saturday morning we went golfing for the first time since we'd been married! We didn't do too bad (I even shot par on one hole!). It was really hot and humid by the time we'd finished 9 holes, so we stopped then.
We also ate good food, saw the movie Thor, went bowling, and saw the bats at Congress Bridge. Everything was great except the bats. If you ever go, don't go in May.
On Sunday everyone was matching Black and White, not really on purpose, so we had to get a picture!
This was Lily's outfit to swim on Memorial Day. Mom said it's because she's trying to look like me, since I tend to wear a hat and a skirt when I go swimming. She cracks me up! Yesterday she had the book "Confessions of a Shopaholic," and when I tried to take it from her she told me, "No, it's my book club book!"
If you make it this far in reading, here's my sad news for the day. I was asked at church when I'm due, as she patted my stomach. Someone I really like and respect! It made me cry. I'm not pregnant, please don't ask!