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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Babies Sleeping

Robby sleeps with his hands behind his head. I wake up with his elbow inches from my head every night. Lance has liked having his hands near his face, and tonight got them completely behind his head for the first time. Guess who else sleeps like this? His sister, Lily. This is her at 5 months.
And this is her tonight. Usually they'll be completly behind her head. I'd try to get a picture of Robby, but I don't think he'd appreciate being woken up by the flash. Tonight I woke up Lily from it. Sorry Lily!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Lance is Here!

Okay, these pictures are in reverse order, sorry. Lance Reid Hammond arrived Friday, April 23rd at 2:45 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 6 ounces and is 21 inches long! He seems tall and skinny to me-Lily seemed a bit thicker, but she was 7 lbs 4 ounces and 20 3/4 inches. Emily was 5'8 and 18 inches. This was yesterday. Proud big sister!
Our first family picture. Lily was sick-I had to take her to the doctor on Thursday, the day before he was born, and she had an infection in her throat and a fever. It wasn't strep, but we still waited until Saturday until she met him. She hasn't figured out that she can hold him yet, so we're keeping it that way for a few more days, because I think she'll want to hold him all the time once she figures out she can!

He has huge feet! The nurse called the Tree Climber feet. We've also called them Hobbit feet. We compared them to a plaster we have of Emily's feet when she was 11 months old, and they're the same size! His might even be a bit bigger.

It took him a few seconds to start crying, because he shot out super fast-they said he was a bit stunned. But then he gave some good wails.
My first time holding him.

Okay, here's the birth story, for those who are curious. We went in at 5:00 AM to be induced. Our neighbor came over and stayed with Lily Friday morning and then took care of her Friday and stayed at our house Friday night so that she could be in her own bed. Thanks Maggie!

They started me on the pittosin at 6:15 and I started having contractions right away. The doctor came in at 8:30 and I was dialated to a 3 but hadn't effaced much more (I was 50% when I came in) so she opted to wait a bit longer to break my water. We decided to get the epidural before they broke my water, because once they break it my contractions get awful, especially in my back. So I got the epidural at 10:15 and the doctor came back at 10:45 to break it. My contractions were coming right on top of each other after that, so I'm really glad I got the epidural first this time! They had to turn off the PITT because he didn't like it that much, and I went to a 4 and 90% effaced in 15 minutes. So that was at 11:00. When they checked again at 12:00 I was about a 6 according to the nurse, and then when the doctor checked at 1:00 she said I was a 5! So the doctor, nurse and I weren't happy about that-the fact I hadn't really progressed. They turned back on the PITT (it had been on, off, on and then off again) And then I started feeling my contractions again. I could always feel them, but just like braxton hicks. These started to hurt! So I called my nurse who called the anestheisiologist, and at about 1:40 he gave me more medicine through the epidural. So by 2:00 life was good again. Then at 2:30 I felt the "pressure" they talk about and called the nurse. The doctor was next door, having just delivered a baby, and so she checked me and I was ready! Lance was very polite, waiting until the epidural was working again before making me work!

The nurses had me push through one contraction while the doctor was getting ready, and then told me to not push anymore. I think Lance's heartrate must have been doing funny things, because they were pretty anxious for the doctor to get in and put me on oxygen. The doctor got there and they told her I was ready, and he came out, or according to the doctor and Robby, shot out, in one push. He wasn't breathing when he came out and gave us a good scare for 10-20 seconds, but once they started rubbing him down he gave out a good cry and then I started crying! Soreness wise he was much kinder then Lily, so things have been pretty good on that front.

Lily has done pretty well adjusting to the baby. She gives him lots of kisses, but hasn't seemed too jelous. It's great having my mom here to help take care and play with her, cook, clean, be our slave! J/K. Kindof. :-) We came home from the hospital on Sunday. Sunday night was rough-Lance didn't sleep AT ALL, but last night was a bit better. Robby took yesterday, today and tomorrow off, which is nice, too. I'm off to bed now!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wildflowers, Easter, and Baby Update

My mom made this Easter dress. Lily has to take her purse to church with her.
Lily in the field by our house. We've lived in Texas for 5 years, and this is only our 2nd spring of having wildflowers. Every other winter we haven't got enough rain. The flowers are everywhere, and so much fun to see.

This dress was mine. Notice the vintage 80's look! She wore it to church today.

Texas bluebonnets. This got flipped around weird and I don't know how to fix it.

More flowers in our field.
Lily doing the "touchdown" sign.

Robby's work had a shower for us, and one of his friends made this BYU cookie.

Lily's Easter egg hunt.
So, as far as the baby goes, he'll most likely be coming Friday or next Tuesday. We (the doctor and I) don't want him to get too big (for me-I know many of you have had 8, 9, and 10 lb babies and I bow down to you). Lily was 7 lbs 4 ounces, and was fine, but her shoulders were a bit of a struggle. When I mentioned that to the doctor she said, "Oh, I remember that. Maybe we ought to do this on Friday." Friday would be 6 days before my due date, and next Tuesday would be 2 days before. So we'll decide after my appointment on Tuesday. Emily was 1 day before my due date and Lily was 2 days before. My mom will be here Saturday and is staying for 2 weeks. Yeah for moms!
Lily doesn't really have a clue that a baby is coming, though she will point to her tummy or mine if I ask her where the baby is. Her new words include bapa and papa for grandma and grandpa, eyebrow, and bubbles. Lately she loves books and looking at pictures of her grandmas and grandpas. Robby got his BYU room painted-one wall is all navy blue and the other 3 walls are white with a navy blue wide stripe across the middle. -we'll post pictures once everything else is in place. We got a BYU banner to go with it and need to put that up and get a dresser. Hopefully everything the next few weeks goes well-keep your fingers crossed for us!