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Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're at the Beach-The Ocean! I want to Watch the Game!

That's what Lily kept saying this weekend-"I'm at the beach-the ocean. We're on our trip. I want to watch the game." We went to a BYU basketball tournament down at South Padre Island for Thanksgiving. We really had a great time. We did Thanksgiving Wednesday and then packed up our leftovers Thursday morning and drove 5 hours down to South Padre. Our condo was really nice and was right on the beach-we had beautiful views and you could hear the ocean. Lily had been talking about going on our trip to the beach all week, and was so excited to get there and play on the beach. They both did good in the car and were happy the whole trip. For the most part. And they both slept through the night each night. Much more successful than camping! Lily seeing the ocean for the first time.
It was warm but pretty windy on Thursday when we got there.

Lily loved playing with her dad in the waves.

Lance's reaction to the water. I know-he's so excited! Lily was afraid of it when we went to Hawaii when she was about Lance's age. He just didn't care.

On Friday we went to this little conservation dolphin place that had fish exhibits. Lily LOVED seeing all the fishies!

This cuboard at the condo kept Lily very entertained.

At the BYU basketball game. We were on the 4th row, and were on TV! Lance was on the most-he was short enough sitting on Robby's lap to get in a few shots. The kids did NOT like the cheering. I had to move up with them through quite a bit of it. And then it went into double overtime! It was killing me! But it was a fun game, and we won, so that was the most important thing.

Lance at the beach on Saturday. He's so fun!
Lily and Robby on Saturday. She's wearing my shirt because it was kind of breezy outside.

We went to a restaurant to watch the BYU-Utah football game. Lily is mimicking Robby. I took her down to the beach during half time and most of the 3rd quarter, but they both did really good sitting there for so long.
Lance at his 2nd BYU game. We won by one point-it was a great game. And so fun to see them so close.
This morning before we left. We sure had a good time. And of course the best weather was the day we left.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bonding with Emily

Lily had quite the bonding day with Emily today. She's wearing Emily's outfit that we took family pictures in when Lily was a baby, and that Emily wore on her first day to Pre-K. Then when her friend came over she wanted to play with Emily's wheelchair, so they took turns giving each other rides. Then tonight she's wearing Emily's princess pajamas and is sleeping in Emily's bed. She's never slept in there before, but wanted to tonight, so we're letting her. We'll see how it goes! It's been 2 years since Emily got sick in November, so kind of tough. It's not as hard as last year, though, so that's good. Just tender memories.
This was the other night. We were trying to get pictures of the 2 of them. Not super successful.
Lance looks like me, to me, in my baby pictures. My kids never look like me!
Last week when we were at the zoo, I think.

Lily has quite the little personality. She can now recongize the letters L and P, that we've done in "school." She can even find them on the keyboard and other places. But then she thinks that every thing else starts with P or L. We're talking about fire this week and when I ask her what fire starts with she says "P!" She is getting better about saying prayers, and when we pray for family she always wants to pray for Aunt Kapy. (Aunt Kathie). It's pretty cute. For naps and bedtime we have to read The Napping House, Choo-Choo (The Little Engine that Could) and scipers (The scriptures). And then sing I Love to See the Temple and I am a Child of God.

Lance slept through the night last night! 9 hours in his crib! He's gone 7 before, which I count as sleeping through the night-he'll wake up around 5:00 and eat and go back to bed. But last night he went from 10:30-7:30! He goes down between 8:00-8:30 every night and then I usually will feed him again before I go to bed. 2 weeks ago I let him cry it out when I put him to bed. He needed to learn to sleep in his own crib-before that he was only sleeping in his carseat. He cried for 2 hours the first night, but the next night went right down, and now takes naps and sleeps at night in his crib just fine. Yeah! And then I also let him cry it out last week when he woke up at 3:00 AM. He was doing it every night, and I wouldn't even feed him, I'd just put him in his swing. So I made him cry it out without putting him in his swing. He cried 50 minutes the first night, 30 the 2nd, but since then has done pretty well. Now watch, tonight he'll be up at 3:00. Oh well! I think that's about it. Hopefully the sleeping continues-I felt like a new woman today!