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Friday, February 26, 2010

Vancouver Olympics

The Olympics! Waiting in line for the bus to take us to Cypress for the Women's Moguls.
Friday, up at the Richmond Ozone. Not nearly the excitement we thought it would be, but the kids had fun.
We had the chance to go home for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Our adventure started when our flight was 3 hours late, but then we almost missed it because they put us on a different flight without telling us, and then lost our luggage. Luckily Lily and Akaila are the same size, and Janica had brought some maternity clothes for me to borrow. We got there Thursday, Feb. 11, and got our clothes early Saturday morning. Lily and Akaila in their matching Olympic shirts. They became very quick friends and followed eachother around everywhere. I'm going to put a bunch more pictures on Facebook.

At the Richmond Ozone. Lily's wearing my baby hat, since hers was still lost in limbo at that point.

At the Women's Moguls-where the US won their first gold. It was so cold and rainy and wet, but we still had a great time. We stood for over 6 hours though! I was quite proud of myself-being 29 weeks pregnant and being able to stand like that. And Robby stood in line with Sarah for over an hour to get us pizza and hot chocolate. Poor guy. He was NOT dressed for the weather-a sweatshirt and raincoat was all he had on. I had on about 6 layers, and was still cold. But he didn't complain.

Coya, John's wife came with Mady, who we'd never met, from Rexburg. Yeah! And Janica passed out once we were up in Vancouver, so Coya passed Mady off to Grandma and went with me to the Pairs gold medal figure skating event. We made it to our seats 5 minutes before it started. We really had a great time and especially loved the Silver medal chinese couple. And we were glad that we weren't on the train ride home with everyone else where Ryan (who's 6) threw up into a Subway bag that Kacey (his dad) had to hold the entire train ride.

We were able to go and stay in Whistler for a night, and had a great time. That's where, besides the actual events, you could really feel the Olympic spirit. Notice my pins on my scarf? My dad collects Olympic pins and trades them, so I was trying to follow his tradition. I did trade once.

Lily with the mascots. We bought a small one of each. I could tell you the names and history of each one, if you really wanted to know!

Lily loved being with Grandma.

At Whistler. It was such a great vacation. I took over 200 pictures, so facebook is where most of them will be. It sure made me miss the North west!