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Friday, November 30, 2012

It doesn't rain ALL the time

     Just most of the time.  But we can usually snag a little bit of dry weather for the kids to ride their bikes or go to the park or something. I did get my BOB stroller but I need a rain cover for it.  It really does look sunny and then will just start to rain. Lily started preschool on Monday; she goes 3 days a week from 9:00-11:30. It's very nice for both her and me. Lance has been a good sport about it all, though on Monday he cried and cried saying, "My Bubba, My Bubba! You can't leave my Bubba!" It made me feel pretty terrible. He still calls her Bubba most of the time.
       I haven't really made any friends yet. At least no one to hang out with; no phone numbers exchanged. I'm a pretty social person so it's kind of been a long week.  I do have access to a gym through the city, though, and so we've done that a few times. They have a good spin instructor which I was really happy about, because that's one thing that doesn't seem to add stress as far as being pregnant. I do have this Belly Band thing-Fit Belly-that really helps things, especially when I run.
    For Thanksgiving we went down to Janica's and had a great time being with family. Our good friends who we moved to San Antonio with just moved to Tacoma, so they drove down and met us there, and then stayed with us Thursday and Friday. Lily loved having a slumber party and I loved having a friend here!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Seriously, tile counter tops?

Why would you make a kitchen with tile counter tops? I hate it. It's so hard to clean and things are constantly in those cracks. You can't roll out cookies or bread or rolls. I really hope we don't buy a house with it; all of the houses around here have it.

We made it!

I will probably post a few different time about the move; I tried to once from my phone and it all got deleted. We've had WiFi in our house but not with our computer, so I haven't been able to write anything. The move went pretty well, other than a few hiccups (a drunk guy loading up our stuff-Robby told the other guy to send him home) and we're hear safe in Hillsboro, with all of our things, and one box of someone else's things. Including an army helmet and play station. We've contacted the moving company but they haven't came to collect it yet.
   Leaving Texas was pretty painful, especially the house and all my friends, knowing that I was moving someplace where people don't know Emily. Robby hated leaving the house empty (it hasn't sold yet); he felt like he was leaving someone behind. Hopefully it will sell soon. It's the slow season so we're trying to be patient.
     We flew from San Antonio to Denver, and then from Denver to Seattle. In Denver we landed at the same time as another Southwest flight that slid off the runway.  It made us happy we don't have to fly again any time soon. By the time we got to my mom's we'd been on the road 13 hours.  Compared to the 5 hours it will now take us to drive to her house.
      We enjoyed relaxing at Mom's and then were happy to be able to leave the kids at Janica's for a couple of days while we got moved in. It was so nice to have my mom here helping us, and to not have kids under foot. It made it so we got unpacked within a few days.  We enjoy the house; it's smaller than ours but fairly well designed with lots of storage space. And we kept quite a few things, like China, vases, photo albums, baby toys, etc in their boxes so that we don't have to pack it all up again in 6 months. My biggest complaint about the house is there is carpet in the dining room. At least there's a bar so the kids eat their breakfast and lunch there, but I hate having to vacuum after dinner! I'd so much rather sweep and/or mop.
    Lily and Lance are sharing a room, and we took the railing off Lance's crib so it's like a toddler bed, and they are adjusting pretty well to that. It takes them longer to fall asleep but I think it helps them not be scared.
  Lance needs me; I will write more later!