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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Emily's Experience on Earth

It's been almost 4 weeks since Emily passed away. We're doing okay. This week was easier then last week. We of course miss Emily, but it's comforting to know that she's very happy and aware of what's going on right now. We were very touched by everyone who attended her funeral, here and in Washington and all of the cards and emails we've received. It's good to know that she's with family in Washington right now-Robby's Grandma's are both buried near Emily. Lily is helping to keep us happy. This weekend we went down to Corpus Christie on the Gulf Coast, which was a lot of fun. We'd never been there before, and we had a good time introducing Lily to the beach. I'll try to get pictures on of it sometime soon.

Robby spoke at Emily's funeral and gave her life tribute, and while he was preparing for it felt impressed to write a poem, which is not like Robby! He really felt like he needed to write it from Emily's perspective. I know that many of you who read this were not able to attend either funeral, so we thought that we'd share it with you.

Emily’s Experience on Earth

Before I was born and I still lived in Heaven,
Heavenly Father explained how life would be.
He said that it would be full of challenges and trials,
But that I would have a family who loves me.

I would have friends and loved ones who would do all that they could,
To make sure I was joyful and happy.
And when I asked him what my purpose on earth would be,
He smiled, with a tear in his eye, and simply said “You’ll see.”

My life on earth had a difficult start,
I could no longer see nor hear.
But it didn’t take long to understand,
That my parents loved me so dear.

They stayed at the hospital for the first seven weeks,
And had faith that I could breathe on my own.
And eventually the wonderful day came,
They were able to take me home.

I made so many friends along the way,
I was able to learn so many things.
And although I had my share of pain and struggles,
I felt the joy and the love that the Gospel brings.

I have a Mother, who sacrificed everything she could,
Who did her best to keep me healthy and strong.
I have a Father, who provided me safety and peace,
Who’s whistling and roaring helped me as my life moved along.

I have a Sister, who loves and cares for me,
Even though she liked to pull my hair.
Who when the time came for me to die in their arms,
Gave my parents peace with her happy stare.

I have grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins,
Who always treated me as one of their own.
I have classmates, friends, and fellow 18th Chromosome family,
Who reminded me that I’m never alone.

Through all of my challenges and obstacles overcome,
I began to realize my mission.
There would be so many people whose lives I could touch,
Even without hearing and vision.

And now I can tell them at the end of my earthly life,
That God has a plan for everyone.
That because of the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ,
We can return to him in glory and perfection.

Now I can run, and see, and hear,
I can talk, and help, and serve.
I can help others know that the Gospel of Christ,
Will lead them to the happiness they deserve.

As a final request to all who know me,
As we part, at least for a while:
That when they think of Emily Hammond,
They share with me a laugh and a smile.