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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blessing baby; Emily reminder

Today we blessed our 3rd baby, Lance. The outfit was Robby's. Lance has just started to smile a little bit; he especially seems to smile for Grammy. I missed this one, but was glad they caught it on camera! Robby's parents were able to come for it. Lance is named after Robby's dad, so we were very glad that he was able to be here!

So our Emily reminder came this week when Lance had a fever-he was up most of the night, and so Thursday morning I called the doctor and they had me bring me in. Even though I had given him tylonol and his fever was down to 100 with it, the doctor sent me to the ER because he'd had a fever of 101.8 at home, and he's only one month old. He was eating and doing all that other stuff. The ER was where we took Emily when she got sick before she passed away, so it was pretty awful going back, even though we were pretty sure Lance just had whatever Lily had had 2 days before. Luckily Robby came and met me there. They eventually drew blood and got a urine sample, and basically everything had to come back perfect for them to not make him stay over night. They had to poke him twice to get the blood, and wanted to come back and try again to get in an IV, but I asked if we could wait until we had the lab results back before we did, and luckily the doctor agreed. They also let me feed him while we were there-it would have been AWFUL if they hadn't. I was a wreck after they got the blood, and when the doctor told me we had to go to the ER, just because it brought back so many not fun memories of Emily. The whole medical part of Emily we just try to forget-we know she didn't like it! Luckily the lab results did come back perfect, so after being there for 5 hours they let us go home. I guess if your baby is under 29 days old and has a fever it's an automatic 48 hour stay, labs, xrays, urine sample, and spinal tap! So thank goodness he was 33 days! And Robby's mom had come on Wedensday night, so she was able to stay all day with Lily and take care of her, so at least we didn't have to worry about Lily!
Other then that things are going well ehre. Lily is getting used to Lance-I think her adjustment has been pretty typical for a 20 month old. She's usually pretty nice, though she will hit him occasionaly or throw something at him. She also is now doing this super high pitched scream to get attention. I mean SUPER high pitched. We try to just ingnore it, but it can be tough! Lance is sleeping okay-he's up now every 2 1/2-3 hours, but he'll usually go back to sleep pretty quickly. He HATES being on his back, and sleeps in either his swing or his bouncer. Is this bad? Next week for naps I'm going to try to get him to go on his back I think. He also hates getting his diaper changed and having baths and screams bloody murder. Our girls were much easier going, but that's okay!
I'm running again and trying to get back into shape. I'm amazed at how hard I work for how slow I go when I'm running! We'll get there eventually, I hope. One year ago today I was running a marathon, so hopefully a year from now I'll be training for or have ran another one. We'll see!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


My friend came over and took newborn pictures of Lance last week when he was one week old. I'm going to put the rest on Facebook. It was so much fun!

Here Lance is 5 days old and Lily is 3 weeks old. But we were surprised at how much they looked alike in these pictures! Robby is happy because Lily looks like him, so that means that Lance will probably look like him. Though we agree that Lily has my legs and Lance has Robby's. And Lily has my big mouth and Lance has Robby's.

My mom left today. She was such a HUGE help and we're all sad to see her go. I was very spoiled having her here for 2 full weeks. Lily keeps asking for her. Robby's parents are coming in a few weeks, which will be fun. Lance is sleeping okay. I usually can get around 2 hours of sleep by the time I'm done feeding him! He usually will go back to sleep after he eats, so that's good. And compared to being home with a baby on oxygen and a feeding tube, this is nothing! Though still tiring :-).

We've missed having Emily around-the last time I had a newborn she was here to keep me company, so it makes me sad sometimes. I'm sure she and Lance had fun together before he came here. And I think that Emily's personality will be a lot like Lily's when she can tell us everything that she wants to. She was certainly happy like Lily is!

Lance has changed a lot the past 2 weeks. As of Friday, at his 2 week check up, he was 8 lbs 9 ounces and 22 inches long! He's in the 95% for height and 75% for weight. I figure he can only go down from here, but it's a good start, right?