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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Emily's Tree and Emily's Birthday

This year we did things a little bit differently for Emily's birthday, since we were in Utah for Sarah's wedding. Normally we watch vidoes (which we did the day before this year) and release balloons and get a new book. I still got a book but since we were going to be up in the mountains up Big Cottonwood Canyon at Solitude my mom had the idea to plant a tree for Emily instead. It was the day our family reunion was starting and we were going up to a campground to have a cookout, so my dad met everyone in the condo where they live (until they figure out what they are doing with the house, etc) and gave a sweet speech to the kids about planting a tree for Emily, which made me get all teary. It was her 10th birthday. And then we all hiked up until we found a spot to plant it.

All the kids took turns digging the hole for the tree. It's a beautiful Blue Spruce.

 We hiked up to it a few days later to water it.  Hopefully it stays for a long time. I'm excited to go back and see it and I really felt like Emily was happy to have the whole family together and to have that done on her behalf.


Tonight at bedtime I told lance to say his prayers. He said "I lost it" and then reached under his pillow and said "I found it" and pretended to put it back inside his head and said "Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. Please help us sleep good. Please help us eat good. Thank you that Emily will come alive again someday. In the name of Jesus Christ amen." And then he said "aren't you glad that Emily will come Alive again someday mom?" "I am too but we all die right? But not for a long time. Will bad guys kill us?" I told him I hope not! And then he started talking about other stuff. He is just so funny.