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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Tonight at bedtime Lance and I were talking about Emily and he wanted to know how Emily talked so I was telling him about her different signs and how she loved Robby and would ask for Dad when she didn't want me. He thought it was hilarious. And then he wanted to read her books so I read all the kids her poem that Robby wrote and we looked at the pictures. It was good for my soul.
   Lily was super happy today because she was let into the nature club. Long story but hopefully she and some girls at church will get along a little better now.  2nd grade drama!  Lance always tells me the funniest things. He tells me that he and Emily are the best cuddlers in the family (because I've told him they are). Grant calls stools "Stoolers" and toilet paper "wipers."  He gets very excited when we see stools at other people's houses.  He's going through this thing where he wakes up at night scared and won't go back to sleep and he doesn't like to leave me. He even had a hard time at nursery which he normally loves. I've also learned that he does NOT like to share his toys, so we are working on it. He's had a bit of an identity crisis with Lily and Lance both in school. Though he does love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Lily has been doing a pretty good job practicing piano now that we have a friend who takes lessons with her. I'm glad my other friend suggested it!  I sure love being a mom.   After school I try to take the time to get the kids a snack, read them an article from the Friend, and then play a game with them if they want. Today we played hide and seek. Then we do homework and if time our reading. 4:00 is when they can turn on the TV for a bit. Its gone so much better than last year, with not teaching piano this year. Last year was awful, I hated teaching right after school. I will never do that again. I have two lessons after school but they aren't until 4:00, and then I teach one Wednesday mornings. It's great!

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