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Monday, October 19, 2015


Yesterday we were talking about something with Lily and she said, "I respectfully disagree."  Sometimes she'll say, "My opinion of this is..."  It's pretty funny to listen to her be so grown up.  Tonight for Family night Lance said the opening prayer and prayed that the Star Wars preview would be good. Then in his own prayers he said, "Thank you that the star wars video was good and that I got to eat pretzles.
  Every night they want me to play them songs on the piano. It's quite a nice way for me to wind down!  Grant really wanted to go eat lunch with the kids at school today and then wouldn't eat and got mad at Lily when we got there. He and Lance played a game where they took the yellow Tonka dump truck and would send it between each other's legs. I get sad for Grant that he doesn't have Lance here to play with. Though I do think he takes better naps because of it.

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