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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why I don't hate Elf on the Shelf

I totally get not wanting to do Elf on the Shelf,  but I do get tired of seeing everywhere how awful it is. When we moved to oregon and I was pregnant we bought an Elf and named it Cooper, since that's what Robby wanted to name the baby and I told him no. That Christmas was really hard for me, I didn't really have any friends close-at least my sister lived an hour away! And I was not used to not being able to play outside lots in the winter after raising my kids to that point in Texas-taking care of kids in rainy season is very different than being a kid in rainy season! (I grew up in Washington) looking back I can see that I was depressed but at the time I just figured it was pregnancy and moving emotions.  Then the shootings in Connecticut happened and it sent me spiraling downward. I don't think anyone really knew how awful I really felt-I'm pretty good at faking my emotions and convincing myself I'm fine.

One of the bright spots of my day though, was watching lily and lance, who were 2 and 4, look for cooper and laugh at whatever he had done. Though he's never super naughty.  Looking back it's the highlight of that otherwise rather bleak Christmas season. So now they are older and lily is starting to figure out that it may be mom and dad because I totally mess it up, but I don't regret doing it. I kind of wish I would have told them from the start it was mom and dad doing funny things, but it's been a fun tradition for our family. Not for everyone, but fun for us! Until she makes the link between the elf and Santa not being real. I'm not looking forward to that!

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Hoenes Family said...

I did something similar to Elf on the Shelf one year. I called it "Roxy the Reindeer" Santa wrote a letter to the girls saying that Roxy was misbehaving at the North Pole and he needed their help to teach her how to behave by watching their example. It was awesome! I knew I couldn't keep it up every year though, but I do have fond memories of that. We have an elf now that Grandma gave us. I am going to have the kids take turns each day to do some service with the elf and leave the elf where you have served. I agree with you, I am tired of all the negative comments about Elf on the Shelf. I am not sure why people care so much about that kind of stuff!